FYJC Online Admission Mumbai 2017-18

11th Online FYJC Admission 2017

Most Mumbai students prefer arts, but colleges have more seats for science, commerce. First-year junior college admissions 2017 is just round the corner.

Science and Commerce seats are more this time in Mumbai’s colleges this year despite the demand for them has seen a drop in recent years. This year, 11th admission in Mumbai colleges have 5,600 more science seats and 3,000 more commerce seats. Whereas arts and humanities seats are fewer this time. Arts and Humanities streams have 34,180 seats this year, lower than last year’s 35,269. This is ironical as more and more students are opting for the Arts stream instead of the Commerce and Science streams.

Many educationists are of the view that the arts stream was not growing inspite of the the rising demand. Suhas Pednekar, principal of Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga said, “Since past two to three years, more and more students are taking up arts. High-scoring students who can easily get a science seat are opting for arts by choice”.

And the Arts colleges are few that meet up the expectations. Pednekar said, “There are few colleges known for their arts faculty unlike the science or commerce streams. This is the right time to improve the arts faculty courses as in these colleges the arts seats fill up instantly, but go empty in other colleges." Outdated syllabus and lack of awareness are also the causes the arts stream is not lacking behind science and commerce. The syllabus for the arts streams needs to be revised and made more ‘industry-oriented'.

Dinesh Panjwani, principal of RD National College, Bandra said, “The arts and sciences curriculum is falling back as compared to commerce stream. Arts curriculum needs to be updated with a focus on employment ” Students are not aware of the opportunities Arts stream could open for them, this could be another reason for few arts seats. Marie Fernandes, the principal at St Andrews College, Bandra said, “Commerce prepares you for a job, Arts prepares you for life. Upon seeing the larger picture, arts stream is more helpful, but mostly people fail to understand this".

Students are now focusing more on courses and subjects that are more job-oriented than the conventional options of engineering and medicine streams.

Most of the 2.92 lakh seats in the Mumbai colleges this year are for commerce, this time the fyjc online admission 2017 have 1.61 lakh commerce seats, up from last year’s 1.57 lakh.

Vidyadhar Joshi, vice-principal at Vaze Kelkar College, Mulund said, “Today’s youngsters are looking forward to enterprise. That is why Commerce has become popular.” Due to the popularity of self-financed courses like tourism, hospitality management and marketing, they have also been added to the 11th online admission process. But principals are of the view that owing to limited seats, high cut-offs and demand, these courses are really tough to get into.

Amee Vora, the vice-principal at NM College, Vile Parle said, "Such courses are in demand, as they are specialised and train students to run businesses. Students who take up these courses can work part time. The subjects prepare them to set up their own firms. And NM College has 20 to 40 seats for them"

Commerce stream’s popularity will stay for long as entrepreneurship bug is popular among students. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Youth Survey, 2017 was held recently in which students of 12 to 18 years of age said they wanted to become entrepreneurs, of which 85% respondents were from Mumbai  the highest in the country. Students in Mumbai are often exposed to great business ideas as they are inspired by watching success stories of entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg etc.