Mumbai FYJC Admission 2017: Webite

Mumbai FYJC Admission 2017: Webite

FYJC 11th online admission started a week before and only one in three students could fill up both forms for 11th online admissions to first-year junior college (FYJC) due to the frequent crash of the webite owing to heavy traffic.

Despite Education department efforts to add two more servers to the existing seven, the website is slow and having glitches. Now, we can hope if the website could take the heavy traffic.

FYJC 11th admission to Mumbai and Pune is right now in full swing and this time around 3 lakh students are competing for seats. The education department has made fully online the centralised admissions for the first time and now it is for the full state of Maharashtra now the education department must make a site that does not slow down despite heavy usage.

Students said they were not able to even open the option forms which is the second part of their applications where they enter college preferences. Some of the student's cultural or sports quota marks, were not uploaded on the site. The department had already alerted the Maharashtra state board for these problems.

Colleges conduct a ‘zero round ‘ for admissions to in-house, minority, and management quotas from June 16 to June 30, but some colleges did not began the process as they are waiting for the website to function properly. Some colleges are releasing merit lists for quotas only this week.

St Xavier’s College, Fort, would declare the merit list for Christian minority students on Tuesday, while HR College merit list would be released on June 23.

Mumbai Online 11th Admission Registration Starts,

Mumbai Online 11th Admission Registration Starts

First Year Junior College (FYJC) 11th admission registration started with a slow start, with only around 3,500 students logging on the portal. Students are worrying for the new reservation of seats from the open category for their chances.

Parents and students are of the view that the information booklet received this time are too tough to understand. "The FYJC information booklet is like a big directory and students as well as parents face a difficult time while searching for different things. The test of the website will be judged after more sign ups takes place on the website.

The education department officials however said they had not received a single complaint for the new website and as days pass, more and more students are expected to begin the 11th admission registration soon. Around 2 lakh students from different boards are expected to apply soon to FYJC via the online 11th admission process. Anxious parents as well as students have called the FYJC Guidance centres for help. "We are getting calls from students about the Mumbai 11th online admission process and most of the queries are from outsider students not from the city," said a guidance centre official in South Mumbai.

Students who wish to apply under arts and culture get an added advantage during 11th online admission as the board will award up to 20 marks extra to students who excel in arts or cultural activities this time like the case of sports. These Students get a 2% reservation while applying to junior colleges. Students get a 3% reservation who excel in sports. Non-state board students are feeling the pinch. A father said, "My daughter got 96% in the ICSE examination and she also is good at arts and sports. But, she won't be eligible for the double benefit the state board students are getting. Getting a seat in the top college of choice in the first list is difficult.".