Pune/Mumbai.11thadmission.net First Merit List on July 10, High Cut off

Pune/Mumbai.11thadmission.net First Merit List on July 10, High Cut off

More than 1,000 students have filled incorrect marks in their 11th admission application. Students who have written incorrect marks would be allowed to make corrections until 5pm on July 6 through schools or guidance centres.

Raqaiya Murtaza Bhusavalwala, 16, scored 71% in her Class 10 exams held by an international board. And to her surprise, she was listed at the top of the first-year junior college (FYJC) general merit list, which is much above 15 students who got perfect scores in their SSC exams.

The pune/mumbai.11thadmission.net general merit list was published on Tuesday in which the students were shown how they were ranked in the 11th admission process —though it was not an admission list. Raqaiya was displayed to have got 1,182 out 1,182 marks, while actually she scored 500 out of 700 marks. Raqaiya, an IGCSE student from Dubai said, “I filled the 11th admission form with my sister's help, but we made a mistake while applying. My actual score is 71%”.

If students do not correct their marks in the allotted day and time, their names will not appear in the Pune.11thadmission.net first merit list/Mumbai.11thadmission.net first merit list scheduled to be released on July 10 or they will get disqualified during admissions.

BB Chavan, deputy director of education, Mumbai region said, “As students are making mistakes in their applications, that is causing the errors to come up in the merit list. Students can change their marks, date of birth, caste or any other details mentioned in the application form".

The number of students scoring more than 95% have risen to 2,584 from last year’s 2, 066, and 1,683 in 2015. But students scoring in 90's have been reduced to 13,575 from 14,589 last year.

15 students from the state of Maharashtra have scored 100 out of 100, earning them top ranks in the 11th admission process. The toppers are from the SSC board itself, credit goes to additional sports and cultural marks — 15 to 25 marks — that were awarded in the SSC exams.

This also means that in the reputed colleges, FYJC cut-off would be high in the mumbai.11thadmission.net first merit list 2017. If students score identical marks, preference will be based on their English marks and date of birth.  

Many Prinicpals are of the view that if this is the scene of 90 scores, then it could be worse for those scoring in the 80s and 70s. Kavita Rege, principal, Sathaye College, Vile Parle said, “Since all three important boards — SSC, CBSE and ICSE — have recorded good results this year, we are bound to see an unprecedented hike in students scoring above 95% and this means many students will find it really difficult to get into coveted colleges”.

Academicians are of the view that students who scored 80s, 70s and 60s might be allotted seats only in the fyjc mumbai.11thadmission.net third merit list in coveted colleges. Marie Fernandes, principal, St Andrew's College, Bandra said, "Students come to popular colleges so the cut-offs soar, but students applying in smaller colleges will not have much problems. Their cut-offs will be down by the fyjc second merit list or fyjc third merit list".